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I have a lot of weird dreams. A few of them I've shared here because they give me story ideas. It gives a glimpse into a world I might be creating (or will be soon). Sometimes, I forget my dreams and they come back to me later. I'm hoping that's the case with the latest one I had last night. So much of it is vague now even though for the first few hours of the day it was fresh. Lesson learned, I should have written about it while I had the chance!

I do remember it being about a refuge facility for those who were unique. A young man was charged with taking care of youth who wandered in. They all had different back stories and complications that the young man helped them deal with so they could go back home. It sounds like the beginning of what could be a fantastic series, perhaps something that involves multiple authors even.

Simple, and sweet. Sometimes, those make for the best stories and adventures, though. Right?

Would you read it?
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I had a dream last night about Nancy and P. P doesn't have a real name just yet, but he's a quiet boy. Tall, dark, and handsome, and loves to read. Nancy is the popular cheerleader type, though she's not mean like a lot of the other girls on her squad. she's actually pretty cool. P and Nancy are in love, though given high school politics they're keeping that to themselves. Except that they're going to come out as a couple on Prom.

Nancy is given a prom queen nomination. Yey Nancy! She and P find some place quiet to celebrate. Things get a bit...intense, but since they're in the middle of school it's kind of hard to find some place quiet and private for that sort of thing. They discover a new door in the empty classroom where they're hiding out. The new door leads to a small apartment of sorts. Thinking nothing of it, they shut the door and lock it.

After their desires are dealt with, they head back to the classroom. Nancy goes through, and P is about to when the door shuts and locks him inside. Time passes, perhaps days, and the doors open again.

Only it wasn't days that passed, it was years. Seventeen of them to be exact. Nancy is engaged to be married, teaching at the school, and P has two daughters enrolled in high school now. He stumbles out into a whole new world. Everything is different. Is there anyway he can take back those missing years? To make things right?

Would you read it?
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A few weeks ago I wrote about Bing, my charming boy stuck in a world of extraordinary people when he couldn't do anything. Then I wrote about a nameless boy who got hired on by a bakery who had a super power that unlocked any safe. Today, the story continues with a dream where these two guys met two girls, and a third guy. All of them had some kind of strange power. One girl was ditzy and turned the world into a musical. One guy was broody and did something weird with paint...or maybe it was food. It had something to do with his emotions being tied into whatever it was he did.

All of them were enrolled into some kind of University as incoming freshman (except for Musical girl, she was the head of the welcoming committee and an upperclassmen).

As I lingered in my nap, the tentative title of "Trope University" popped into my head. This title reflected how the story would challenge and explore tropes in fiction with this set of characters. I'm not sure the title is going to stick. Most of my titles don't.

However, this might end up becoming another blog exclusive title as I explore the possibilities within these characters.
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Had a dream last night about a guy who could unlock any safe. For whatever reason, because of this ability a family owned bakery wants to hire him on for extra help.

That's about as far is it went, but I want to write it down and save it for future reference.
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Last night, I ended up oversleeping. However, this worked to my advantage because I had a dream that could very well turn into a story of sorts.

Earth is on the verge of being destroyed so a lot of people are communing in community centers and schools and what not. They're not quite sure how they're going to survive, but they plan on doing it together. A nameless female pre-teen takes in the sight of sleeping bags, stuffed animals, and worried adults trying to figure out how to make the best of a situation for all of the kids who have no clue what's happening.

She ends up outside right as the world is being destroyed. Meteors, but she calls them fire shooting dragons. One is going to destroy the building, but she is able to stop that from happening by creating wings of ice to shield and cool the area from getting unbearably hot.

Years pass and she adventures outside. An alien race is coming to pick up/aide the survivors of the community center. There is now an ocean within walking distance of the commune. Because of her random super abilities, she's able to swim in a way that most humans can't. She and her friend Koa end up going out to play in the water. Things take a wrong turn, though.

A strange pink energy captures them and drags them toward an alien ship. They are cleaned up, put into foreign clothes, and put in a room with other teenagers their age who are eating dinner silently. They're the latest additions to the zoo.

Would you read it?
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A boarding school on an island in the middle of nowhere plays home to the most prestigious minds. Prodigies in art, music, literature, math, and science abound, all set to change the world and become legends.

Bing is new, joining the students much later in life than what is considered normal. His presence shakes up the school's entire existence. Girls want him, guys want to be him, he's the very definition of cool, kind, and collected. Perfect in just about every way.

The catch: he's incredibly ordinary and average in everything he does.


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