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A few weeks ago I wrote about Bing, my charming boy stuck in a world of extraordinary people when he couldn't do anything. Then I wrote about a nameless boy who got hired on by a bakery who had a super power that unlocked any safe. Today, the story continues with a dream where these two guys met two girls, and a third guy. All of them had some kind of strange power. One girl was ditzy and turned the world into a musical. One guy was broody and did something weird with paint...or maybe it was food. It had something to do with his emotions being tied into whatever it was he did.

All of them were enrolled into some kind of University as incoming freshman (except for Musical girl, she was the head of the welcoming committee and an upperclassmen).

As I lingered in my nap, the tentative title of "Trope University" popped into my head. This title reflected how the story would challenge and explore tropes in fiction with this set of characters. I'm not sure the title is going to stick. Most of my titles don't.

However, this might end up becoming another blog exclusive title as I explore the possibilities within these characters.


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