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Last night, I ended up oversleeping. However, this worked to my advantage because I had a dream that could very well turn into a story of sorts.

Earth is on the verge of being destroyed so a lot of people are communing in community centers and schools and what not. They're not quite sure how they're going to survive, but they plan on doing it together. A nameless female pre-teen takes in the sight of sleeping bags, stuffed animals, and worried adults trying to figure out how to make the best of a situation for all of the kids who have no clue what's happening.

She ends up outside right as the world is being destroyed. Meteors, but she calls them fire shooting dragons. One is going to destroy the building, but she is able to stop that from happening by creating wings of ice to shield and cool the area from getting unbearably hot.

Years pass and she adventures outside. An alien race is coming to pick up/aide the survivors of the community center. There is now an ocean within walking distance of the commune. Because of her random super abilities, she's able to swim in a way that most humans can't. She and her friend Koa end up going out to play in the water. Things take a wrong turn, though.

A strange pink energy captures them and drags them toward an alien ship. They are cleaned up, put into foreign clothes, and put in a room with other teenagers their age who are eating dinner silently. They're the latest additions to the zoo.

Would you read it?


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