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Another "Battlefield" kiss.

* * * * *

Homecoming. Angela wanted to go. Orlando did not. It had nothing to do with the fact that it was a social function or a dance. He liked to dance, a lot. Not a fact he broadcasted much anymore, but he wouldn’t turn an opportunity to down when presented. Except he couldn’t go to Angela’s homecoming – he’d been expelled from her school a year ago and had no intention of going back even if it were allowed. Not when Jesse Jordan still attended, at least. And he definitely did not want to invite Angela to his homecoming dance. Not when his ex-girlfriend was a shoe-in for queen, and the student body had decided to nominate him for king. They had to have all been high that day, there was no other explanation.

If Angela and Tait didn’t actually know each other, he’d have considered it, but they were old cheer buddies. Practically BFFs once upon a time. It’d be awkward. He and Angela hadn’t made their relationship social media official. The most anyone knew was he was dating someone, and he got the feeling people thought he was lying about it to keep the eligible ladies of Lunar Falls – Tait included – from pouncing.

Angela coming to the dance would prove he wasn’t lying. There was that perk, but all of the potential drama out weighted that one positive. For being dramatic, Orlando didn’t like drama.

“You’re not mad are you? I hate robbing you of the opportunity to wear a sparkly dress,” he said quietly. He knew how much she loved to glam herself up for any occasion.

She gave a small shrug. “I can go on my own. Won’t be as fun without you to dance with during the slow songs, but it’s not the end of the world. There’s still next year. When I’m a senior, your arch nemesis will be gone. No one in my class remembers you. The only reason anyone from yours still does is because Jesse will make a comment about ‘the incident’ every so often. Sometimes he tells everyone you’re in jail.”

“My dreams of leaving a lasting legacy have been shattered,” he deadpanned. “Are you sure?”

Angela kissed him, soft and sweet. “I’m not mad. Promise.”
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