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It's easy to be lazy. I think that's why a lot of people seek lazy out - it's easy. Sometimes, we need easy in our lives. After working a long day, going through a rough time, we need that moment to breathe and relax before getting hit with the next wave of tough.

A couple of months ago, I had a car accident that left me with a mild TBI. Not a big deal, really. My doctors stressed I should take it easy and make my way back into the working world gently. Because I work from home, take the time off from writing. Don't push it. Spend a week doing nothing.

I did, and it was great. Just what I needed. Week two rolled up, though, and I still wasn't "feeling it". My body still felt all kinds of off. My head hurt, my body was tense, and my equilibrium was shot pretty bad. So I took another week off.

Week three, I did a little bit of work. That was about all I could stomach before the headache came back and my frustration rolled in as words became harder to find after about an hour of working. Side note: I usually work for about three or four hours, and that's just dedicated writing time. Some days, I do even more.

Week three turned into week four, and then five, and then six. I think I'm at week eight or nine, and something still feels "off". And ya know, maybe it is still related to the accident. It also might just be me stuck in the habit of lazy. I'm done kicking myself if that's the case.

Now, I tried to jump back in full speed ahead and failed miserably. So how do I overcome the lazies and get back on track? Patience and diligence. This is just the "step by step" program I'm using, but feel free to give it a try and maybe it'll work for you too.

STEP ONE: Set reasonable goals.
STEP TWO: Come up with an ideal time frame to achieve those goals.
STEP THREE: Prioritize all of the goals.
STEP FOUR: Work through the highest priority to the lowest.
STEP FIVE: Be flexible and adjust goals as needed.
STEP SIX: Be gentle if you fail.

It's going okay so far. I'm not succeeding all of the time, but I'm not failing all of the time either. The biggest thing is being gentle with myself when I don't make it. Get up and try again. Most days, I don't do all the things, but I'll get through at least half and that's a big step in and of itself.
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