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I had a dream last night about Nancy and P. P doesn't have a real name just yet, but he's a quiet boy. Tall, dark, and handsome, and loves to read. Nancy is the popular cheerleader type, though she's not mean like a lot of the other girls on her squad. she's actually pretty cool. P and Nancy are in love, though given high school politics they're keeping that to themselves. Except that they're going to come out as a couple on Prom.

Nancy is given a prom queen nomination. Yey Nancy! She and P find some place quiet to celebrate. Things get a bit...intense, but since they're in the middle of school it's kind of hard to find some place quiet and private for that sort of thing. They discover a new door in the empty classroom where they're hiding out. The new door leads to a small apartment of sorts. Thinking nothing of it, they shut the door and lock it.

After their desires are dealt with, they head back to the classroom. Nancy goes through, and P is about to when the door shuts and locks him inside. Time passes, perhaps days, and the doors open again.

Only it wasn't days that passed, it was years. Seventeen of them to be exact. Nancy is engaged to be married, teaching at the school, and P has two daughters enrolled in high school now. He stumbles out into a whole new world. Everything is different. Is there anyway he can take back those missing years? To make things right?

Would you read it?
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