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My last post I shared a dream I had. There were more details to that dream, but I'm not going to share them. What I am going to talk about, is how from that single element from the dream turns into a full length novel.

That's how I create. I get a small tidbit of an idea. A tiny moment that might seem insignificant in nature, and turn it into something bigger. Most of my ideas come to me at random. My inspiration doesn't come from watching a favorite TV show or reading a well written book. Those things certainly give me an appreciation for storytelling, and I might get ideas on how I can tell my own stories. The ideas that I concoct, however, come from another place.

I call them divine musings. There's no other way to describe it. I'm almost positive my brain was pieced together to do this. To create something from nothing. To get deep here, it's part of the reason God is real to me. Coincidences are only coincidences a certain number of times before I have to start wondering if it's fate. In order for there to be fate, there has to be a greater power. But I don't want to get on a big ramble about all of that just now.

The question I get asked the most is: Where do your ideas come from? Each time I get asked, I struggle with how to answer. Saying a dream isn't quite right. My ideas come from more than a dream. They just...poof...into my mind. Okay? POOF! I couldn't stop it even if I tried. Any time I've stopped writing, the ideas still come, and they don't leave until I deal with them appropriately. I have a massive list of stories to be told. Some of them, I end up combining into more massive adventures than I originally intended. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. For every one book I release, there's another five I tried and failed at.
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