Mar. 14th, 2017

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I'm struggling with writing. Even coming up with a blog post topic was hard for me, because I'm just not writing at the moment. It. Sucks.

I could go through all the ways one gets out of writer's block. Honestly, there isn't a magical trick to it. It just kind of happens after trying a few different things until one method hopefully sticks. What might work for me, won't work for someone else, and what might work for me, might only work on that particular cycle of the moon with that specific planetary alignment.

Not writing is hard. On the one hand, I get a break from using my brain and my house gets cleaner and I work out more as I try to find ways to avoid actually writing. On the other hand, I get frustrated and trapped within my own brain. That is what it feels like: being trapped inside of my brain. The way my brain works is why I'm pretty sure all true writers are considered weird, because there is no way I'm the only person who goes through this.

And when I say true writers, I mean those who are called to the craft. I know a lot of fantastic writers who are called to other walks of life, so it's not about talent or lack of or even lack of ideas. It's just that calling, and some people are called to it for only a season - to write that one epic story inside of them before going off to change the world in another way. Then there are those who are called to constantly share different parts of their soul by way of various stories. Who aren't ever supposed to stop for fear of losing their sanity and joy.

I consider myself one of those individuals. By all means, I'm not the most talented individual. My ideas might not even be all that great. If I stop writing, though? I'm going to feel hollow. Even if nothing comes of it, I need to do this.

But I'm not writing, thus I feel trapped. There is no real reason for me to not be writing. I'm just not doing it. My prison is my own doing at this point. I only have my own stubbornness to blame. Perhaps I'll figure out this mystery. Hopefully, soon.


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